Our Bookbinding Collection

Designer bookbindings represent the highest level of workmanship and technical expertise, combined with the best of modern innovative design. They present bound text as unique works of art.


The Company began commissioning designer bindings in 2008, in order to lend vital support to the endangered craft of bookbinding. We are fortunate to include bindings by Bernard Middleton M.B.E. and Jeff Clements M.B.E. among other notable craftsmen and women in our nascent collection.

Our support is not limited to commissions alone. We sponsor prizes in the Open Choice category at the Designer Bookbinders’ Biennial Competition, fund bursaries for Designer Bookbinders and Society of Bookbinders joint masterclasses, and have recently supported Designer Bookbinders' Transferring Design programme, initiated to provide bespoke training in bookbinding to students in art colleges and universities within the UK.

We are also a founding partner of the Queen’s Bindery Apprenticeship Scheme (QBAS) based at The Royal Bindery in Windsor.

Please consult our online catalogue for further details of our holdings.

Online Catalogue