Our Military Affiliates

We are proud of our affiliations with HMS Dauntless, the Scots Guards, No. 47 Squadron RAF, and the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (Princess Royal’s Volunteer Corps) – also known as the ‘FANY’. In 2021, we established a new relationship with the Army Cadet Force (ACF) and the 41 Cadet Detachment in Dagenham. Our financial support primarily assists with a range of welfare activities for the service men and women, and their families, as well as grants for special projects.


Support for the Armed Forces

The HMS Dauntless (and her crew) have not been active whilst the ship has been under repair, but we are looking forward to hearing from the new commander in due course. Meanwhile, we awarded £20,000 to the Scots Guards Soldiers and Family Welfare Programme along with an extraordinary grant of £12,000 to the Scots Guards Access to Memory project, aimed at unifying disparate catalogues of Scots Guards archives and improving the catalogue descriptions. We are delighted to contribute £23,000 to No. 47 Squadron RAF annually, as a welfare grant, although the COVID-19 crisis prevented the squadron from using the funds as anticipated in 2020. The annual grant will be carried forward and increased, and directed at even more programmes to support the squadrons and its community at home and in deployed locations.

The FANY's time in 2020/2021 has been dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, as they have been part of a nationwide response team, helping our communities through the crisis. The Company was proud be in a position to support the HQ at the start of the crisis with funds for three laptops, enabling the team to work remotely. This was in addition to our annual grants towards salary and running costs.

The ACF 41 Cadet Detachment in Dagenham is one of the largest detachments in North East London, but is largely unsponsored and underfunded. In the heart of London's 'concrete jungle', the resources are stretched thin to support the youth organisation, where a majority of cadets represent ethnic minorities and a nearly equal number of young women are welcomed as young men. Our funding will assist with the cost of uniforms, equipment and summer camp.

Recent Grants