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In 2012, we helped to establish the Clothworkers’ Centre for Textile Materials Innovation for Healthcare (CCTMIH) at the University of Leeds, with a £1.75 million anchor donation. The Centre works to develop enabling technologies based on advances in textile science and engineering. From bioactive wound dressings to implantable devices aiding the regeneration of bone or skin – the application of textiles in healthcare is a rapidly developing field.

The Company has also been a principal supporter of the Textiles and Colour Science activities at Leeds since it was established. We currently provide bursaries for a number of postgraduate students. In addition, subject to access and utilisation criteria, we make capital grants to assist with the purchase of cutting-edge specialist equipment.

In 2020 alone, we awarded more than £380,000 to the University of Leeds for postgraduate research, with the largest awards going to innovative projects in the School of Design. This supported research and development of a Universal Finish (or multi-functional finish with low environmental impact), as well as sponsorship of postdoctorate research within a pioneering wound-dressing clinical trial – the first at the University of Leeds!

A grant of £15,000 was also awarded to Central Saint Martins in 2020 in support of an MA bursary in Material Futures.

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