Philanthropy at The Company

The legacy of The Clothworkers’ Company has been built on fellowship and philanthropy – the warp and the weft that connects the threads of our past with those of our present and our future.


2020 Charitable Impact


The wealth of The Clothworkers' Company is built upon our historic property assets, and has continued to grow through generous bequests and responsible stewardship. The Court of Assistants (and supporting committees), staff and professional advisers work hard at maximising our resources to cover the cost of our operations and fund our ambitious charitable objectives. Each year, we distribute millions of pounds in charitable grants towards textiles, trusteeship, support for our military affiliates, and more.

We also direct funds towards a variety of other community projects and inter-livery initiatives, and we commission contemporary silver and designer bookbindings as a means of supporting selected endangered crafts.

Read our latest Annual Review for more information.

Industry Mission

Textiles: Our 'Industry Mission' refers to our annual contributions towards textiles. We make strategic grants toward four key areas of textiles: (1) Academic Research and Innovation, (2) Technical Education and Vocational Support, (3) Textiles Design, and (4) Textiles Heritage and Conservation. Read more about our support of Textiles.

Charitable Mission

Trusteeship: We encourage trusteeship among our members, and make strategic grants to organisations and projects aiming to improve charity goverance across the UK. Find out more about our activities in Trusteeship.

Military Affiliates: We have long-standing relationships with a number of military affiliates, and fund work to support the service men and women and their communities. Find out more about our Military Affiliates.

Misc Giving: We use our position and our wealth to fund a number of other causes in the City of London, and beyond. In 2020, this included sponsorship for Inspiring Connections (an advocacy and mentorship programme delivered by Catch-22 aiming to help disadvantaged young people in London into more meaningful employment) as well as No Going Back (a programme designed to prepare individuals in prison for job opportunities that will be offered by City of London livery companies or their partners and/or members), and the Livery Kitchens Initiative, which provided fresh and healthy meals to NHS workers and communities across London experiencing food poverty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also funded workshops through The Creative Dimension Trust, bursaries for Bishopsland Educational Trust, and the Transferring Design training programme for Designer Bookbinders (among others).

The Clothworkers' Foundation

We make substantial annual donations, from surplus funds, to The Clothworkers' Foundation.

Find out more about The Clothworkers' Foundation.